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Welcome Writers! Before we get to the self-publishing resources in Victoria, BC, (and beyond) here’s some general information. For anyone new to self-publishing, there are many things to consider.

First, what is self-publishing?

Self-publishing means the author is responsible for all publishing tasks. This includes: editing, formatting, cover design, and publishing. In addition, unless you are just writing for yourself or your family, you will also do sales and marketing. Self-publishing is also called Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or Indie publishing. It is not vanity publishing. (This article explains the differences.)

Two paths to self-publishing
  • First, you could become a DIY indie author. This means you manage all tasks to get your book produced and distributed. You don’t have to do every task yourself. However, you will have to find quality professionals for specific tasks such as editing and graphic design.
  • Second, some writers who only want to focus on writing choose one self-publishing company to do everything for them. This means higher costs and less control. Therefore, choosing a company must be done with caution. Due to the rise of predatory publishers you must be very careful before signing anything. Be sure to check Scams Targeting Writers) first.

Still confused? Check here to learn about the pros and cons for each path. Another good resource before you self-publish is Jane Friedman’s guide. Finally, it helps to think of self-publishing your book being like baking a cake. 

“Although nothing about self-publishing is easy or simple, I am the captain of my own ship. Whether a title sinks or sails is on me. I am the sole steward of my failures and victories—and there will be both. Not every writer is comfortable with that responsibility.” ––Jamie McGuire

Bad quality = Bad sales

A self-publishing author must have a professional product. Problems with quality will impact the quantity of readers you will have. (Don’t sacrifice quality in a rush to publish.) A bad cover, bad editing, not getting feedback from beta readers… all of these shortcuts will only lead to disappointment.

Experienced self-published authors emphasize spending as much as you can afford on editing. Some writers even use Kickstarter to help pay for editing for their first books. See the Professional Help page to find a professional editor.

Tip: Learn more about how to avoid common rookie book creation errors here.

Tip: High quality writing is good, but it is easy to get stuck in an endless loop of revisions. Today, with ebooks you can always upload new editions. Aim to make your book as good as you can possibly make it, with the resources you have available.

defamation and permissions

The last thing you want as a new author is legal trouble. Learn about libel and defamation — before you publish. Permissions for copyrighted materials is another essential topic (see “permissions” in the Business Side of Writing section). Also beware of using images that are not yours (accidentally or not). Check Illustrations and Graphics section to learn more.

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Updated July 2022

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