Self-Publishing Resources in Victoria BC

Welcome Writers! Here you will find a collection of self-publishing resources with a focus on Victoria BC (look below or under the tab). This information has been collected from research (updated monthly) and from information gleaned from writer’s workshops (organized by 3 Penny Publishing).

What is self-publishing? It means that you do all the tasks that a publisher would normally do for you: editing, formatting, designing and creating a cover, finding a printer and/or turning your book into an ebook, marketing, promotions, and hopefully, sales and distribution. Some writers have the skills to do many of these tasks themselves, others hire professionals for specific tasks, while others who have a bigger budget and less time, purchase a bundle of services from a reputable self-publishing company.

(See article on Vanity publishing or self-publishing?)

The following categories are also listed under the Self-Publishing tab:


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Scams Targeting Writers

Bookstores in Victoria BC & Beyond

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Last update February 2017

Note: Links and information are for research purposes and do not replace professional advice. Accuracy of third-party websites cannot be verified and links do not indicate endorsement. 

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