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zines chapbooks magazines bannerSelf-publishing isn’t just about creating ebooks or print books. There are also new ways to create digital magazines, as well as traditional ways to create zines and chapbooks.

Magazine resources

If you want to create digital magazines, there are many options. Because some are more costly than others, be sure to do your research first.

Readz – list of options
Review of Yumpu and Issuu

Resources for magazine publishers (Magazine Association of BC)
Canadian Society of Magazine Editors
The Stack Podcast (worldwide print magazine news)


Zines are grassroots, self-published, non-slick print magazines. They are also usually produced in small quantities and cover niche topics. Broken Pencil, with its focus on Canadian zines, is especially notable.

Broken Pencil – (Canadian zine scene)
How to make a Zine
Etsy Zine Listings
A deep definition of zines


Because of their humble origins, chapbooks are sometimes overlooked. However, although they are small, chapbooks have a big history. One of their first roles was to help bring books to the masses.

In the 17th-19th century in England, many novels began as lavish books with extravagant wide margins that only the very rich could afford. Eventually the masses would get a low-cost version in the form of a chapbook with narrow margins, smaller type, and more common wording.

After the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, new laws banned chapmen from peddling their wares. But in the 20th century, chapbooks came back with the help of artists and beat poets. Today, amid ebooks and blogs, many artists, illustrators, cartoonists, poets, and activists continue the chapbook tradition. Taking the art further are publishers who specialize in high-quality collectable chapbooks. There are also combination magazine-books (bookazines or mooks), and tiny books that are small works of art.

Learn more:

What is a Chapbook (video) 
How to make a chapbook

Chapbook publisher – Displaced Snail
Celebrating the Chapbook
How to make a Zine/Chapbook
50 Micro Presses in Canada
What is a Bookazine?
What is a Brand Mook?

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Updated February 2018

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