Find an illustrator for your self-published book


Welcome Writers! If you are looking for an illustrator, artist or graphic designer for your self-published book, here are some useful resources. While the focus is on BC talent, other relevant tools are also listed.

However, first make sure to read this important article on the topic of copyright and book cover art. You do not want to inadvertently run afoul of copyright rules when finding images to use for your book. In addition, check carefully the terms on any online services such as Canva, stock photos, or vector stock.

Find an Illustrator or Comic Artist (BC)
Find an interior Book Designer (BC)
Find a Book Cover Designer (BC)

Your cover design is a crucial part of your book and book marketing. Don’t rush this very important step towards completing your book. Get professional advice. Check out this helpful article with tips on ebook cover creation.

Find a Graphic Designer

Do you need help with a logo or promotional materials for your book? It is extremely beneficial to get advice and help from a professional graphic designer. However, if you not yet sure of the overall look that is best for you as an author, you may want to consult someone to help you with your author branding. Check Professional Help for resources.

Additional resources

Do you want to make your own graphics, for social media and blogging? See “Graphics” section on Tech-Tools page.

Do you need help with other self-publishing tasks? Check the tabs under the Self-Publishing Resources section.

Did you find an illustrator for your self-published book with another resource? Should it be listed here? Did you find any of the resources listed especially helpful?  Feel free to send an email.

Note: Links and information are for research purposes and do not replace professional advice. Accuracy of third-party websites cannot be verified and links do not indicate endorsement. 

Updated November 2019