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Few self-published authors have the necessary skills to do every task themselves to end up with a polished, professional book free of errors. Most writers seek some professional help. This can mean outsourcing  editing, cover design, interior design, ebook formatting, author branding, social media, and marketing. Because of the many tasks to outsource and manage, some writers new to self-publishing decide it’s easier to purchase a package of services from a self-publishing company. However, if it is their first book, and the costs are very high, they may later regret this choice. More experienced self-published authors instead take the path of hiring specific professionals for specific tasks. This gives them more control over each stage of the publishing process. If you decide to take this path, here is a list of helpful resources.

Please note that this is not a complete list of resources. Be sure to do your own research and check with other self-published writers or writing groups for recommendations.

“Write the best book you can, producing the best final product you can, using whatever set of tools and methods you favour.” Kevin McLaughlin, self-published author.

Professional Editing Help BC
Professional Writing Services Directories
Writing Evaluation and Manuscript Services
Book Design – BC
Book Cover Design – BC
Comic Artists & Illustrators – BC
Ebook Formatting – See ebook section 
Writing tools & apps
Marketing, Branding & Coaching
Audio Narration

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Updated January 2018