About 3 Penny Publishing

3 Penny Publishing is a one stop shop for independent information about self-publishing in Victoria, BC (and beyond).

We curate a large collection of self-publishing resources to inform, encourage, and inspire writers. In addition, we publish our own books. In the past, we held writing workshops with speakers. We were founded in 2010 in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Our principles

We believe that self-publishing is a vital tool to help create a livable and empathic world. To that end, we have created a curated collection of self-publishing resources with the aim to help inform and encourage writers.

We believe that self-publishing provides a way for people to find meaning and creative expression. In addition, self-publishing provides a way to record and share life experiences, perceptions, and observations for today and in the future.

Writers are an integral part of our culture and provide society with a mirror, a memory, and a multitude of possible futures. For this reason, democratization of publishing contributes to creating healthy and dynamic culture, economy, and society.

We believe that new ways of publishing means more writers than every before can find readers, or even find their calling. And readers can find solace, beauty, adventure, enjoyment, new worlds, new ideas, and an increasing variety and diversity of food for thought.

About our projects

From 2014 to 2017 we published several editions of My Help Book BC. In addition, we also published a child-authored children’s book set in Victoria BC. Since 2017, we have also helped a few independent authors bring their writing into book form. More publishing projects are planned for 2021.

Writing workshops

Writing workshops are currently on pause. However, since 2010 we held several self-publishing workshops with authors and publishing experts. In 2011, Harry Leslie Smith spoke via Skype about his journey to write and self-publish his memoirs. Notably, Harry only began his first book when he was in his 80s and self-published his first book at age 86. He subsequently became a regular contributor to The Guardian and a best-selling author and activist who inspired thousands around the world. Sadly, in 2018 he died at age 95.

About other speakers who also generously shared their knowledge at our workshops:

  • Bruce Batchelor: founder of Print-On-Demand (POD) publishing
  • Joyce Sandilands: promotion and sales of best-selling local history fiction series
  • Rebecca Kennel: author of ‘Victoria Bench-by-Bench’
  • Grant McKenzie: international thriller novelist
  • Matthew Ashdown: writer and former author coach
  • Peggy Richardson: ebooks publishing expert
  • Harry Leslie Smith: memoirist and activist (see above).

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