Graphic Design for Your Self-Published Book

Graphic Design Resources for your Self-Published book - Find a graphic designer and more

Graphic design is a very important part of your self-published book. It can be a huge asset if you get it right. Or it can be a big problem for your book if you get it wrong. In addition, graphic design will play a key role when it comes time for book marketing. Finally, you need to be aware of potential problems regarding copyright and commercial use of images. See below to find graphic design resources.


It is extremely beneficial to get services from a professional graphic designer for images that you need for book covers, interior, exterior, and promotional materials. There are very few authors who also have excellent graphic design skills. In almost all cases it is not advised that you try to do everything yourself.

If you are not sure of the overall look that is best for you as an author, consult someone to help you with author branding. Check Professional Help for resources.

To learn about inclusive publishing check this informative website on this topic.


Your cover design is a crucial part of your book and book marketing. Don’t rush this very important step towards completing your book. Get professional advice. Check out this helpful article with tips on ebook cover creation.

Examples of top book cover designers:

Find an interior Book Designer (BC)

You do not want to accidentally violate copyright rules while creating your book cover or promotional material. Check out this helpful article about copyright and book cover art. In regards to graphics, it is important to learn about potential copyright problems:

  • First, don’t just grab something off the internet. This could well be a copyright violation.
  • Second, make sure to check terms on any online graphics service to make sure you have rights for commercial use.
  • Third, when using “free” photos make sure the photo site is legit. This is because sometimes there are scams where free photos are offered, but later they send emails demanding a fee. For all photo sites, be sure to check terms of use. Find out if you need commercial rights to use in your book.
  • Fourth, you will most likely work with a graphic designer at some point. You, not the designer, should purchase any licence to commercially use a photo or image. Then you send it to the designer. In this way you will have proof of purchase for commercial rights. Otherwise, if your graphic designer buys the image and rights, but you don’t have proof of payment, then you may have a problem later. Check out these problems here. For more on copyright, check the Writing as a Business section.

Here are three good sources of information regarding image use:

More Graphic Design & PHoto tools

Commercial & royalty-free photo sites (Always Check Terms!):
21 sites for quality free photos
12 sites for royalty-free photos (MakeUseOf)
Morguefile free images for commercial use

Tools to create online graphics:
Canva (check terms)
Canva vs Visma vs Piktochart
PicMonkey (photo-editing – see prices)
Krita free image editor
GIMP free image editor


Did you find useful resources for graphic design for your self-published book? Do you have ideas for other resources that would help authors find a graphic designer?  Feel free to send an email.

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