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Our publishing projects include a multi-year community resource directory and a child-authored children’s book. E-books coming soon. We have also assisted a few authors with their non-commercial self-publishing projects.

My Opportunity & Help Book BC

My Opportunity & Help Book BC is a directory of key community resources. The aim is to help people find new opportunities or help with life problems. This publishing project will go online in 2021.

photo of a stack of My Opportunity and Help Book BC Vancouver Edition 2017 - a bookazine
Vancouver Edition 2017

Billy, Cuddles and Funny Bunny Adventure in Victoria

Our children's book project -Cover of children's book Billy, Cuddles and Funny Bunny Adventure in Victoria

Billy, Cuddles and Funny Bunny Adventure in Victoria is a short child-authored children’s story. It is full of quirky humour that both children and adults find entertaining. Set in Victoria, BC, Canada, the adventure begins when three animal friends form a spy team. Their mission? To study human behaviour.

Adventure in Victoria frog, bear, and bunny peeking out from a hedge
Billy the frog, Cuddles the bear, and Funny Bunny (the bunny) hide in a hedge to spy on human behaviour.

 View the short trailer for this publishing project

Hear the full story

Purchase at the Royal BC Museum Gift Shop in Victoria, BC,
or email the publisher.

Adventure in Victoria book team
The spy trio pose with the book about their “Adventure in Victoria.”

About the author:
“Nutmeg B” (now an adult) wrote this story when she was a 10-year-old home-learning student. The quirky humour comes from the influence of her stand-up comedian father and being the youngest in a large rambunctious family.

About this publishing project: We believe children should be encouraged to tell their own stories. And today, this has become easier than ever before. We predict that children creating and publishing their own books for their own enjoyment will become a happy norm.

There are more and more resources to help children and youth to self-publish. You can find a list here (bottom of page).

More books coming in 2021