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International Standard Book Numbers are free in Canada.
Register at Library and Archives Canada

Barcode are needed if you want to sell a print book in stores with bar-scanning system. ISBNs are built into barcodes to make them scannable (stores can also type in the ISBN). Some people get their barcodes from graphic designers. However for a donation you can get a good quality barcode from this barcode generator website:

QR Codes (Note: these may be an outdated fad.)
QR Code Generators List

Domain Names
It is possible to have a blog without having your own domain name (e.g. Weebly, Wix, and Tumblr let you to set up a blog with, or without, a custom domain name.  However, it looks much more professional and will make marketing easier if you have your own custom domain name.

Before you buy a domain name, read this author blog full of good tips.  Also to keep in mind: once you buy your domain don’t accidentally let it expire or it may be extremely costly to get back. So when you buy a domain, it is safer to set it to auto-renew (but be aware, some companies like Go-Daddy will auto-renew for the same number of years that you first purchased and you might suddenly get a big charge showing up on your credit card).

A few recommended companies to buy a domain name: DreamHost, NameCheap,,, and IslandHosting (a local Victoria BC company that also has very good hosting services and customer service).

Ebook tools (see ebook section)

Audio Book Tools
Iambik – converts books to audio books
ACX – turn your book into an audio book
BookTrack – add a soundtrack to a book trailer or audio book

Readers’ Tools
Shelfie -keep track of your books
Wattpad (read and write)
GoodReads (read, review, author pages)

Marketing Tools
Shorten and customize your book’s URL
Do a website meta-data audit
Learn google key words
What is SEO? (SearchEngineLand)
What is SEO? (SearchEngineWatch)
Free SEO Tools (
Free way to check who links to your website (OpenLink)

Graphics Tools
Canva – online graphics tool especially good for social media needs
PicMonkey – photo-editing, collage & more (see prices)
GIMP – free image editor
Morguefile – free stock images for commercial use

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