Traditional Book Publishers in Victoria BC

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Here you will find a list of traditional publishers in the Victoria BC and area. (However, keep in mind that if you plan to submit your book idea to them, be sure to carefully read their guidelines first because traditional publishers get many submissions.)

Occasionally a self-published author who does really well will get picked up by a traditional publisher. For example, Harry Leslie Smith is an inspiring example. Harry wrote his first book when he was 88. Before he was famous, he shared his insights at a 3 Penny Publishing workshop (via Skype). Because his memoirs are have have such talented vivid writing, they are highly recommended. Furthermore, they provide a moving and personal way of learning about social history.

Amanda Hocking and Hugh Howey are two now well-known authors who provide inspiration to every struggling self-publishing fiction writer. Both writers self-published best-sellers before getting deals with traditional publishers. Yet despite his new success with a traditional publisher, Hugh Howey is still a strong advocate for self-publishing. 

“We truly are storytelling animals. The desire to tell and hear stories will never abate. Publishing will just have to fight for their share of that pie. We are currently living in the greatest era in human history for readers and writers. I hope we’re saying the very same thing 10 years from now.” ––Hugh Howey

Publishers (Victoria BC & Area)

Caitlin Press (Halfmoon Bay)
Ekstasis Editions (Victoria)
Frog Hollow Press (Victoria)
Hedgerow Press (North Saanich)
Leaf Press (Lantzville, Vancouver Island)
Mother Tongue (Salt Spring Island)
Orca Book (Victoria)
Royal BC Museum Publications (Victoria)
Touchwood Editions (Victoria)
(Note, this may not be a complete list)

Publishers miscellany

First, the association of BC Book Publishers of BC, lists all BC publishers. Looking further afield, the is a Canada-wide directory.

Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild has a wide range of resources for the book arts in Canada. This includes bookbinding, artists’ books, papermaking, calligraphy, letterpress printing and typography, wood engraving, paper decorating, restoration, and finally, conservation.

Alcuin Society is a Vancouver-based Canadian group of bibliophiles. They are dedicated to all things book-related including publishing, book design and production, bookselling, book buying and collecting, printing, binding, papermaking, calligraphy and illustration. In addition, they also give book design awards.

Ash-Tree Press (Ashcroft BC) Despite their out-dated website, collectors highly-value their award-winning supernatural and spooky fiction books due to their unique qualities.

Finally, Microcosm Publishing (Portland Oregon) is a notable “small press with big ideas”.

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