Publishers – Victoria BC

Here you will find a list of traditional publishers in the Victoria BC area. Traditional publishers get many submissions, so be sure to read their guidelines before submitting your book idea to them.

Occasionally a self-published author who does really well will get picked up by a traditional publisher. Harry Leslie Smith is an inspiring example. Before he was famous, Harry shared his insights at a 3 Penny Publishing workshop (via Skype). His memoirs are highly recommended both for their social history and vivid quality writing.

Publishers (Victoria BC & Area)
Caitlin Press
Ekstasis Editions
Filidh Publishing
Frog Hollow Press
Hedgerow Press
Leaf Press
Mother Tongue
Orca Publishers
Royal BC Museum Publications
Touchwood Editions
(Note, this may not be a complete list)

Also of interest
Association of Book Publishers of BC
Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild
Alcuin Society
Ash-Tree Press
Microcosm Publishing

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