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Writers and writing organizations in BC and Canada bannerWelcome writers! Listed below are writers’ organizations and groups to help you find networking and learning opportunities. In addition, be sure to check local bookstores for writing events. While it is helpful for writers to get out of their solitary writing mode, there are also some pitfalls that you should be aware of before joining a writers’ group.

First, here are some specific tips about how groups can damage the writing process, as well as the importance of how to give and receive a writing critique (the article also has many helpful lists and links to other resources).

Another writer pointedly described writing group problems as follows: “Input from group members usually falls into three categories: empty praise, vicious critiques, or banal suggestions. I also find that, over time, familiarity within the group between members begins to undermine any real advice that might be offered…” The author does, however, provide three alternatives to writing groups.

Finally,  here are some very useful tips on how to choose a writing group that will best suit your needs.

Canadian Writers’ Organizations

Canadian Authors Association
Writers’ Trust Canada

Writers’ Union of Canada

BC Writers’ organizations

Federation of BC Writers
BC Writers Groups
Book Publishers of BC
Independent Authors Network (BC-Based)
Children’s Writers and Illustrators of BC
Read Local – BC

Victoria BC Writers’ Groups

Victoria Writers’ Society
Writers’ Choice Review (Victoria and Gulf Islands)
Victoria Writers’ Meet-ups & Sub-Groups

International & online groups

Alliance of Independent Authors – (UK-based)
Top online writers’ groups

Writing Courses – See Events page 

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