Traditional Book Publishers in Victoria BC

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Below is a list of traditional publishers in Victoria, BC (and a few beyond). Make sure to read and follow their guidelines if you plan to send them your book idea.

If your goal is to be traditionally published, also keep mind that occasionally self-publishing can open doors. This is mainly due to high sales. When a self-published author sells well, and has quality writing, this can draw the attention of a traditional publisher. For an unusual example, Harry Leslie Smith wrote and self-published his first book when he was 88-years-old. In addition to having very compelling writing, he adeptly used social media. Writing columns in The Guardian newspaper also grew his readership. Because of his popularity he was then picked up by publisher Icon Books. Check out his thoughts on memoir writing and self-publishing that he kindly shared at a 3 Penny Publishing workshop in 2011.

There are, however, some writers who have firmly taken a stand against self-publishing. One UK author argues “if you self-publish your book, you are not going to be writing for a living. You are going to be marketing for a living.”  And yes, for writers who wish to focus solely on writing, seeking a traditional publisher may be the right path. But, and this is a big ‘but’, this path may be long haul with years of toil and many rejections. In addition, today even popular writers face falling incomes. It is because of these reasons that many writers decide instead to take the self-publishing route.

After all that, you might need some inspiration. Many examples of successful self-published writers, are on our Inspiring Quotes page. You can also find inspiring and fascinating backstories of well-known authors interviewed by the “Meet the Writers” podcast.

Publishers (Victoria BC & Area)

Caitlin Press (Halfmoon Bay)
Ekstasis Editions (Victoria)
Frog Hollow Press (Victoria)
Heritage House (Victoria)
Hedgerow Press (North Saanich)
Leaf Press (Lantzville, Vancouver Island)
Mother Tongue (Salt Spring Island)
New Society (Gabriola Island)
Orca Books (Victoria)
Promontory Press (Victoria)
Royal BC Museum Publications (Victoria)
Touchwood Editions (Victoria)
(Note, this may not be a complete list)

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Updated July 2018