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Bookstores are crucial hubs of knowledge and culture that are staffed by people who truly care about books and readers. Yes, online book stores are here to stay. And yes, they do offer a vital service when shopping in person is impossible or difficult. However, if we don’t support local businesses, we could lose them and all they offer. Below is a list of Victoria and area bookstores as well as other BC bookshops.

“Printed books are magical,
and real bookshops keep that magic alive.”

–– Jen Campbell, The Bookshop Book 

When you have more books than you can ever read, some advice: 
“At any rate handle them…. Peer into them. Let them fall open where they will. If they cannot enter the circle of your life, do not deny them at least a nod of recognition.” –– Winston Churchill 

Networks of independent bookstores
Bookstores (Victoria BC & Area)

New Books

Note: Not all niche bookshops listed.

Rare, Vintage, Used Books 

Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands Book Shops

Book Binding & Repair

Little Free Libraries

Vancouver Bookstores
“The Bookshop has a thousand books,
All colors, hues, and tinges,
And every cover is a door
That turns on magic hinges.” 
–– Nancy Byrd Turner

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Victoria Bookstores now gone
  • Penelope’s BookStop (closed 2020)
  • Bring & Buy Books – Esquimalt – closed 2018
  • Pages Books – Brentwood Bay – closed 2018
  • Military Bookstore – moved into Beacon Books 2017
  • Fairfield Bookshop – closed circa 2016
  • City News – downtown Victoria – closed circa 2013
  • Mallard Books – Sidney – closed circa 2013
  • Grafton Books – Oak Bay – closed circa 2012
  • Shepherd Books – Victoria – closed circa 2012
  • Dark Horse Books – Victoria – closed circa 2011
  • Paperback Writer – Sidney – closed circa 2011
  • Compass Rose Nautical Books – Sidney – closed circa 2006
  • Wells Books – Victoria – closed circa 2005
  • Poor Richard’s Books – Victoria – closed 2004
  • Book Warehouse – Victoria (View & Gov’t) – closed circa 1997
  • Griffin Books
  • Hawthorne Books
  • Annabelle’s Books
  • Deanery Book & Gift Shop
  • Haultain Books
  •  A History of Booksellers in BC

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