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Even experienced indie authors need professional publishing help to create a quality self-published book. Professional publishing services include three main areas: editing, design, and marketing.

Within these three areas there are a wide range of tasks –– everything from cover design to author branding. Because of this, some new authors decide it’s easier just to use one self-publishing company. However, more self-published authors are choosing to hire professionals for specific tasks in order to have quality control over their book. But first, read these tips on what makes a good or bad make client.

First, don’t be a nightmare client

When you hire a professional, you also need to behave professionally (or you may get fired as a client). These are examples of bad client behaviour (so don’t do them):

  • Aggressive haggling over fees or special rates
  • Being a perfectionist who demands endless changes
  • Frequent complaints or insulting comments
  • Not paying your invoice in a timely manner

Occasionally, bad client behaviour creates so many extra hassles that the client must be dropped. So don’t be one of those clients. When working with professionals, strive to be a good client:

  • Communicate clearly what you need and when you need it
  • Be respectful of their skills and advice
  • Don’t waste their time
  • Pay your invoice promptly

Now that that’s out of the way, here are some helpful resources for your indie author journey.

self-publishing Professional Services (Big Lists)
Find Professional Editing

“There is a reason why we spend so much on editing. It’s vital.”
–Reddit self-publishing thread.)

Before you seek professional publishing help for editing, you should learn about the various types of editing available. There’s a wide range ––everything from development and concept editing, to copy and line editing. Check these resources to determine the type of editor you need:

Find an Editor (BC)
Writing Evaluation
Book Design
Book Cover Design

Example of top book cover designs: Chapman & Wilder (US & UK)

For more design resources and tools, see Find an Illustrator.

Helpful Writing tools & apps
Audio Narration

Ebook formatting information see ebook resources.

Book marketing information – see Marketing.

ISBNs, copyright, permissions, etc. – see Technical Tools.

Tax information – see the Business Side of Writing.

In addition, it is also helpful to check with other self-published authors and writing groups for their recommendations for professional publishing help.

Note: Links and information are for research purposes and do not replace professional advice. In addition, the accuracy of third-party websites cannot be verified and links do not indicate endorsement –– unless they are listed as “recommended”.

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