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Some writers do all tasks involved in the process of self-publishing their book. Others purchase a package of services from one self-publishing company. Other writers choose to have more control over the process and contract-out specific tasks to freelancers and other professionals. Here you will find a list of helpful links if you choose this path. Note: this is not a complete list, do your own research and/or check with writing groups for recommendations.

Professional Editors – BC
Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island
Find an Editor –
West Coast Editors
Jesse Holth (recommended)
Types of Editing

Professional Writing Services Directories
Reedsy (professional editors, designers, marketers, ghostwriters)
Editing & Freelance Services Rate Chart (US)
BiblioCrunch (for authors & freelancers)
Independent Publishers Guild (UK)
Printorium – list of independent services (Victoria BC)

Writing & Evaluation Services
Mary Rosenbaum – New Writers Interface

Manuscript Services
Writer’s Union of Canada
Canadian Poets’ League
CWILL BC Manuscript Consultants

Book Design – BC
Spica Book Design (recommended)

Book covers & Graphic Design – BC
Fresh Design (recommended)
ZK Design Studio

Comic Artists & Illustrators – BC
CWILL – BC Illustrators
Nina Matsumoto (

Ebook formatting – See Ebook section 

Marketing, Branding & Coaching
CoachingByMegan (social media audits, author branding)
Peggy Richardson
ZG Communications
TheCreativePenn (US)

Audio Voiceovers
GP Shure Narration
Iambik – converts books to audio books
ACX – turn your book into an audio book

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Note: Links and information are for research purposes and do not replace professional advice. Accuracy of third-party websites cannot be verified and links do not indicate endorsement.