Blog – Before you self-publish – inspo from other writers

Welcome to our self-publishing blog for news, tips, and also where self-publishing writers can share their experiences with publishing ––both the terrific and the terrible.

It is a good idea to learn about self-publishing from other writers’ experiences — before you self-publish. It is especially importnat these days to avoid falling victim to overpriced, poor quality, or outright scam self-publishing services. Instead any new self-publishing author should learn how to find quality professional help. (Check this compilation of self-publishing resources.) 

Self-publishing should be a fun and rewarding journey. For many new writers, it can also be a steep learning curve. However, it should never be an experience where you are scammed or vastly over-charged.

That is why it is so helpful for self-publishing writers to share their good and bad experiences. Do you have a tale to tell? Get in touch. No companies or professionals will be mentioned by name. The aim is to help new self-publishing writers avoid problems, ask better questions, and make better choices.

While most of the focus will be on local to BC writers, those from further afield are invited as well.

Be sure to check out the self-publishing resources pages.

Here are two other excellent resources for writers:

Alexa Donne – articles and YouTube

Joanna Penn – write, publish and market your book

Revised: March 2022