Self-Publishing Live and Learn Blog – writers’ true tales terrific and terrible

Welcome Writers to the Self-Publishing Live & Learn blog. Here self-publishing writers will share their experiences with publishing ––both the terrific and the terrible.

Too often new writers who decide to self-publish are prey to overpriced, poor quality, or outright scam self-publishing services. Yet authors who decide to self-publish do need to find good quality professional help. For many new writers, finding what works and what doesn’t is often a process of live and learn.

The best way for writers to educate themselves and avoid common mistakes is to learn from other writers.

Self-publishing should be a fun and personally rewarding journey. It is usually also a somewhat challenging learning experience. However, it should not be swimming with sharks who are out to over-charge and under-deliver.

That is why the aim of this blog is for writers to share their good and bad experiences with self-publishing. No companies or professionals will be mentioned by name. The point is to help new self-publishing writers so they can avoid common problems, ask better questions, and make better choices.

Are you a self-published author? Do you want to help new writers learn about red flags and common pitfalls? If so, just head over to the contact page and send an email to 3 Penny Publishing.

Most of the focus will be on writers local to BC, Canada but writers from further afield will be considered as well. Your willingness to share what you’ve learned will be much appreciated by other self-publishing authors. 

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March 2019