About 3 Penny Publishing

3 Penny Publishing was founded in 2010 in Victoria, BC, Canada. To encourage and inspire anyone interested in self-publishing, we curate a large section of resources. In addition, we publish our own books and bookazines.

We aim to:

  • Publish books , bookazines and ebooks on useful or fun topics
  • Encourage self-publishing in all forms
  • Share self-publishing resources
  • Hold writers’ workshops on self-publishing and related topics
  • Use writing and publishing to create a more livable world

Be sure to send an email if you are unable to find the information you need in the self-publishing resources section.

about Our current projects

Currently, our main publishing project is My Opportunity & Help Book BC (Victoria and Vancouver Editions). In addition, we have also published a child-authored children’s book set in Victoria, BC. More projects are planned for 2018.

writing workshops

We have held several self-publishing workshops. In 2011, we were lucky to have the talented Harry Leslie Smith speak via Skype about his journey to write and self-publish his memoirs. Notably, Harry only began his first book when he was in his 80s (something that is sure to inspire many late-blooming writers). His fourth book, Harry’s Last Stand, was picked up by a traditional publisher and found wide success. His articles frequently appear in The Guardian. Now over age 90, he has yet another book coming out.

Past workshop speakers include:

  • Bruce Batchelor, founder of Print-On-Demand (POD) publishing
  • Joyce Sandilands, manager of a popular series of local historical fiction books written by her husband
  • Rebecca Kennel, author of Victoria Bench-by-Bench
  • Grant McKenzie, international thriller novelist
  • Matthew Ashdown, author coach and writer
  • Peggy Richardson, ebooks expert and instructor at Simon Fraser University’s summer publishing program

For more details, see our past events page.

For upcoming workshops go to our events page.

If you are looking for some information and inspiration by successful self-published authors, check out our Inspiring Quotes page.