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Welcome to 3 Penny Publishing  … Books Are Beautiful!

We are headquartered in rainy, but sunnier than Vancouver, Victoria BC Canada, where, unlike the rest of Canada, the most common form of snow is the pink and white blossoms lifted off plum trees by spring breezes.

As well as being bibliophiles, and fans of the many bookstores in the region, we have naturally begun to publish our own books (although this is in the germinal stage). We are also enthusiasts of self-publishing and believe everyone from children to elders should tell their stories. With that in mind, we have created a large collection of Self-Publishing Resources compiled from research and gleanings from our writer’s workshops. While these listings are not exhaustive, many new to self-publishing have found them useful. Currently we do not offer any direct services to writers (other than workshops), however, we are happy to answer your questions by email if you can’t find answers to your self-publishing questions in the resource sections.

If you are a book nerd or bibliophile and love all things related to books and writing, you can support our self-publishing resource pages by purchasing items from our Zazzle online store (also in a germinal stage).

In addition, soon we will also feature a sales page with some lovely used books.

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