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Self-publishing video tutorials are becoming a convenient information source for new authors. Here are a couple worth watching:

Self-Publishing with Dale: if you don’t mind ads, and fast information, he has many videos sharing tips and self-publishing information, especially regarding ebooks.

Alexa Donne: She is a traditionally published fiction writer. Nonetheless, if you want a variety of pithy fiction writing advice, she is worth checking out. She also has helpful videos warning about scams targeting writers.

The Creative Penn with Joanna Penn – A huge number of helpful self-publishing and writing videos.

Alliance of Independent Authors Youtube Channel – Another massive resource of trustworthy helpful information for indie authors.

In the following videos workshop speakers share their experiences in publishing, writing, and book marketing. (Organized by 3 Penny Publishing.)

Videos 1 & 2: Rebecca Kennel

Rebecca Kennel is a non-fiction author who self-published Victoria Bench-by-Bench. She felt self-publishing gave her greater control over the entire process. For her, it was easier than searching out a publisher. She made use of her wide range of skills to ensure her print book was meticulously edited, formatted, and designed. Her professional approach paid off when it came time to ask bookstore managers to carry her book. They were surprised to see a self-published book with such a high standard of quality and professional design. Subsequently, a large number of bookstores in Victoria carried her book. In addition, she made significant sales to local library branches.

She achieved high sales largely due to three key ingredients: she had a quality print book, a local niche topic, and an energetic and organized marketing campaign. This included quality promotional materials. Her friendly approach to social media and in-person sales also played a key role in her success. One of her sales recommendations: always carry copies of your book and don’t be afraid to do a non-pushy pitch about it. Unlike many self-published writers, she did not have qualms about self-promotion and managed to do this with confidence and grace. There were some marketing and sales challenges, but she wasn’t conquered by them. Check out the two following videos to hear her speak on these topics.

Rebecca Kennel interviewed by Matthew Ashdown

VIDEO 3 – thriller novelist Grant McKenzie

Grant McKenzie writes gripping, gritty, and fast-paced thriller novels that now have international success. His career as a novelist began with newspaper journalism. He also served as editor of Monday Magazine in Victoria, BC, for several years. Bantam UK, Penguin Canada, Polis Books and Heyne Germany published his first novel. In addition, the anthology First Thrills, edited by best-selling author Lee Child, chose one of his short stories for publication. Despite the serious topics in his novels, he speaks about his writing journey with much humour and insight.

VIDEO 4 – author coach Matthew Ashdown

As an author coach, Matthew Ashdown spoke at length with dozens of self-published authors. He noticed a pattern. Many writers had unrecognized barriers holding them back when it came time to promote and market their book. The following short video features highlights from a workshop where he shares insights on this topic.

Updated: January 2022